USA Imports

The United States Maritime Imports Information System

Information 2019

Information advantages

  • It allows analyzing the movement by type of cargo (containerized and non-containerized).
  • Know the container’s movement by TEUS or FEUS.
  • Identify industries in the United States that import by sea.
  • Identify suppliers that sell to companies in the United States.
  • Know the traffic routes offered by shipping lines and freight forwarders.
  • Know the movement of import cargo through the different ports of the United States.
  • Know which goods enter through the seaports and the quantities.
  • Analysis of FCL and LCL containers.

Added values of information

  • TEUS, FEUS, and Total Containers fields allow to accumulate and see the participation by the different variables.
  • BL’s information can be classified into types: Master, House, Regular, and the containers and kilos, are assigned for each one.
  • Access to SISDUAN United States, customs information on nationalized merchandise and its FOB, CIF values, among others.

Characteristics of the consultation platform

  • Friendly navigation.
  • Intuitive search for information.
  • Allows storing the report fields in the order defined by the user and also saves the query criteria.
  • Edit and deleting previously created reports.
  • It allows unlimited downloads to Excel.
  • Multiple filters can be added to queries.
  • It allows to carry out accumulations and comparisons between periods by choosing different types of graphs.

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