Specialized Study of Pharmaceutical Sector

Know our specialized study for market intelligence in the Colombian pharmaceutical sector. Find new markets, suppliers and monitor the competition.

Specialized Study of Pharmaceutical Sector

Through the use of technologies related to data mining (i.e., machine learning, artificial intelligence), we have developed for you the specialized import study of the pharmaceutical sector.

This electronic publication allows you to know the reality of the imports of the pharmaceutical sector in Colombia with the following detailed information:

    • Laboratory
    • Product
    • Brand
    • Active ingredient (PABLO, vos colocaste Principio Activo, pero creo que es Ingrediente Activo. Si me equivoco, por favor ignora este comentario, y más bien sería: “Active principle”.)
    • Importer
    • Provider
    • Quantity
    • FOB value of all goods
    • FOB value per unit
    • and other important fields

We invite you to see the sample of our publication which contains real information of the sector, and allows you to interact through several query filters.

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