Heavy Equipment Industry

Get to know our specialized study, analyze the behavior of imports of the Heavy Equipment sector. Find out how your competition is and what your market share is compared to other brands and references.

Heavy Equipment Sector Specialized Study

Through the use of technologies related to Data Mining (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence) we have developed for you the specialized import study of the Heavy Equipment sector that contains the reality of imports made in Colombia allowing to know the following study variables:

      • Brand
      • Product
      • Model
      • Reference
      • Importer
      • Fuel
      • Motor brand
      • Year of production
      • Provider
      • Country of origin
      • Among other interesting fields

We invite you to visit the sample of the report below, which allows you to interact with the information using the available filters.

Importaciones Maquinaria Pesada

Discover more

  • Access to Microsoft Power BI to do business intelligence with dynamic dashboards with updated graphic models, number tables and indicators.
  • You will be able to track your competition.
  • It will have market share data according to the available variables (brands, models, reference, use, states, among others).
  • You will be able to know the importers, suppliers and markets.
  • You can access the information from any online computer.
  • Importers or exporters of heavy equipment.
  • Logistics sector facilitators.
  • Heavy equipment trading companies.

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