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We are a company with more than 100 years of experience providing foreign trade information.

Experts in data mining and analytics

On the over time markets change, economies are transformed, brands reinvent themselves and the need to do market intelligence becomes essential to identify trends, shares, suppliers and competition in the market and thus build corporate plans that contribute to that organizations identify and direct efforts towards opportunities and creation of strategies



SISDUAN - Sistema de información de aduanas para comercio exterior e investigación de mercados

Online platform with detailed information on Imports and Exports from more than 50 countries, make inquiries of all types of markets, knowing the details of the products, FOB values, countries of purchase, origin, destination, CIF values, customs, importers and exporters.


SISMAR - Sistema de información de carga marítima de Colombia

The only online platform in the world with information on the movements of maritime cargo from ports in Colombia for import and export. This tool allows to analyze the competition with the total of containers by size mobilized, loose loads (Brake Bulk), liquid and solid bulk tons, carry out studies by routes, shipping agents, freight agents, etc.


SISDUAN - Sistema de información de aduanas para comercio exterior e investigación de mercados

Using data mining techniques we offer market intelligence from different industrial sectors, analyze relevant variables of your industry. Access data such as companies, products, quantities and values ​​among others.
Quickly analyze your competition under the Microsoft BI platform.

Automobiles – Avocados – Poultry – Sugar – Bicycles – Coffee – Leather – Flowers – Cornmeal – Tires – Motorcycles – Corn



Transform your data into insights to drive business growth.
We automate and model information to facilitate analysis and decision-making within the company. We rely on data mining techniques and analytical models.


Find detailed information that will allow you to analyze the real of imports, know the participation of brands, models and references among other relevant variables within your sector.
Plan your strategies.

Powered by Power BI

Quickly select, filter, and create customized data, easy-to-read data sets to share with your workgroup all time and everywhere.

Foreign Trade Data

More than 90 years of experience providing information with the most reliable and timely database in the market with data from more than 50 countries with 230 markets.

Data access from the cloud

Take advantage of the security and immediacy information by making inquiries from anywhere in the world from a cell phone or computer.

Estudio especializado Automóviles - Exportación - importación - Estudio de Mercados

Specialized study Automobiles

Brands, model, engine, line, importers, suppliers …

Estudio especializado Línea Blanca - Exportación - importación - Investigación de Mercados

Specialized study
white line

Brands, model, reference, importers, use or destination, suppliers …

Estudio especializado Maquinaria Pesada - Exportación - importación - Investigación de Mercados

Specialized study heavy equipment

Brands, model, product, fuel, year of manufacture, suppliers …

Estudio especializado Farmacéutica - Exportación - importación - Investigación de Mercados

Specialized study

Laboratory, product, active ingredient, importer …

Estudio especializado Llantas - Exportación - importación - Investigación de Mercados

Specialized study

Brands, country of origin, dimensions, according to rim, suppliers …


estudios de mercado colombia



It is a tool that allows us to plan our commercial strategies and have a greater knowledge of the market by knowing in greater detail and depth who are the importers, prices, origins, prices and volumes among others, in an easy, fast and dynamic way.

estudios de mercado colombia

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