DAECO Data Analytics

Transform your data into insights to drive business growth

We automate and model information to facilitate analysis and decision-making within the company. We rely on data mining techniques and analytical models.

Why use Data Analytics?

Find and seize new opportunities for your business, make clever and assertive decisions, execute successful business actions, achieve more efficient business operations, reducing costs and obtaining higher profits, extracting the value of your company’s data.

A business that relies on clever and agile decisions to stay competitive using data analytics to get more value!

Services of
Data Analytics

Data is the more important asset of your company. At DAECO, we help you understand and analyze them to transform them into valuable information for your business.

Once we understand the business, we can determine any situation based on the data and experiences collected and systematically ordered. It makes it possible to judge the current situation and leads to decision-making that contributes to the continuous improvement of the business.

Through an ETL process (data extraction, transformation and, loading) We integrate all your databases, analyze them and make the information available for your use.

What happened?

With data analysis, we understand the current and past state of the business, establishing variables according to the behavior of the information.

Why has it happened?

We provide context to business issues and causes through a series of data models.

What is going to happen?

Before analyzing and collecting historical data, we predict behavior patterns through predictive models to identify risks and opportunities. Hurl a result with this tool to favor decision-making.

Do we define what we should do? And what is the next step to take to achieve an intelligent response?

According to the collected data and different analyses, We recommend actions and make forecasts of the impact they will have on the business. Thus we identify the most successful decision among the possible scenarios.

Business value / Dashboards

We represent your data, findings, and information on dashboards using technological visualization tools, and we teach you how to use them so that your team can represent valuable information through them.

How do we do it?

The Data Analytics IT process outsourcing service is developing in six phases that allow us to create a data mining model adapted to the needs and requirements of your company. The stages are:

Our team of experts in data science, analytics solution architecture, statistics and economics, database engineering, infrastructure, and project management are ready to turn your data into valuable information.


We safeguard and protect the information to maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data through the use of secure technologies.

Through confidentiality agreements, we guarantee that the processed data is solely for the client.

We have more than 95 years of experience in foreign trade data processing, transforming data into valuable information.

We innovate in the analysis, design of dashboards, and creation of resources adapted to client needs. We use modern tools.

We transfer to the person designated by the client the findings obtained during the process and the knowledge to process the information and use the tools. In addition, we train work teams in any of our Data Analytics services.

We have multiple sources of data on the import and export movements of various countries.

We create solutions using the client’s technological infrastructure.

How do I know if I need Data Analytics?

-I need to optimize my business indicators and the time my collaborators invest in information management.

-I do not have the trained personnel or the tools to integrate the operational systems of my company.

-I want specialized support in data processing, keeping control of the information, and administration of my company.

-I need to perform data mining processes on a large amount of stored historical information.

-I need to be confident that my data is safe by outsourcing services to process it.

With Data Analytics, we can be more efficient in handling information and have better business indicators, optimizing staff time.

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